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It might be useful to use a second tinypilot to control the autopilot over wifi using the lcd/keypad and remote interface.

Set the second tinypilot to use remote address for lcd interface:

  • boot second tinypilot keeping the first tinypilot (autopilot) powered off.
  • connect to wifi access point “pypilot”
  • ssh to client (remote tinypilot)
  • set remote host for hat display
$ ssh tc@
password: pypilot
$ nano ~/.pypilot/hat.conf
  • Replace localhost with the ip address of the master tinypilot. Typically replace

“host”:“localhost”,“actions”… with “host”:“”,“actions”…

  • Save file exit nano
  • Disable pypilot on boot
$ nano /opt/bootlocal
  • scroll down to line “sv u pypilot” (about line 78)
  • comment line out changing it to “#sv u pypilot”
  • save file exit nano
  • store boot script
$ -b
  • Switch to client mode (managed) rather than AP, and set the correct host/ssid, by default “pypilot” with no key.
  • Power cycle
  • Power the primary tinypilot computer
  • Ensure the WIFI is displayed on both screens

To take out of remote mode will simply reverse the above steps. In client mode it may be difficult to ssh into the remote tinypilot without knowing the ip address. This is normally listed on the wifi display (version 0.32 and newer) typically It may also be found with nmap

$ nmap -sT
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