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It might be useful to use a second tinypilot to control the autopilot over wifi using the lcd/keypad and remote interface.

Configure the second tinypilot client wifi:

- boot second tinypilot keeping the first tinypilot (autopilot) powered off. - connect to wifi access point “pypilot” with device with browser - navigate to - click “Configuration” then “Configure Wifi” - Switch to client mode (managed) rather than AP

Set the second tinypilot to use remote address for lcd interface:

- Boot both tinypilot computers - Connect to access point of primary tinypilot - Find ip address of client tinypilot: $ nmap -sT - ssh to client $ ssh tc@ password: pypilot $ nano ~/.pypilot/signalk.conf - Replace contents with: {“host”:“”} - Save file exit nano $ sync $ sudo reboot

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