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-Tinypilot ​typically uses a raspberry zero Wnokia5110 display, ​ir sensor for remote control ​and mpu9255 inertial sensors.+Tinypilot ​is distribution of linux specifically for pypilot. 
 +Currently only raspberry pi (all types) are supported, but primarily the raspberry ​pi zero W is targeted. 
 +It is accessible over wifi via [[tinypilot ssh]] 
 +The nokia5110 ​daylight visible ​display ​is connectedand buttons or IR remote ​can be used to configure the autopilot through this interface. 
 +A [[second tinypilot]] can act as a control ​interface over wifi. 
 +Tinypilot is built on [[Tiny Core Linux|http://​]]
--block diagram 
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