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pypilot is a free software autopilot. To form a working autopilot you need both software and hardware components.

pypilot is free software and can run on a variety of hardware, however at this time these are the supported platforms:

  1. tinypilot - minimal power consumption, small lcd, remote control, raspberry pi zero w
  2. openplotter - full chart plotter, raspberry pi 3
  3. it has also been used successfully on different orange pi boards running ubuntu

It is recommended to choose either tinypilot or openplotter

There are 4 supported control interfaces:

A motor controller is required to drive the rudder drive motor

To improve performance See the tuning guide

The autopilot has worked successfully sailing hundreds of miles on s/v alexandra as well as reported successful on more than a dozen other vessels including boats with hydraulic pumps, and heavy steel cruising boats.

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