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 +Many types of drive motors can be used.  I have tested:
 +   * [[existing tiller pilots]]
 +   * [[winch drives]]
 +   * [[hydraulic pumps]]
 +   * [[wheel-belt drives]]
 +A faster moving rudder is needed off the wind, and for larger waves. ​ A stronger driver is needed to handle weather helm, upwind and stronger wind.
 +The most basic brushed motor arranged to move the rudder in one direction when power is applied, and the other way when power is reversed. ​ The rudder can rotate at least 30 degrees over the full range. ​  The rudder should move from end to end in 10 seconds to handle most conditions, but it could be slower if the autopilot is used in light winds, and a wind vane is used in stronger conditions.
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