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 +The python gui scripts included in pypilot give the best visual feedback.
 +It is possible to use these tools on any linux system simply by [[installing pypilot]] The tools can remotely connect to the autopilot server. ​ In this way, you can use openplotter or another linux computer to remotely connect to tinypilot or a different openplotter that is running the autopilot.
 +The tools provided can be run from the command line, and passed the hostname of the pypilot server (or leave blank to use the last hostname)
 +  * [[pypilot_calibration]] ​ Visual feedback for calibration of the sensors.
 +  * [[signalk_client]] ​ Command line interface to read data from the autopilot
 +  * [[signalk_client_wx]] Interactive tool to inspect and modify values used by the autopilot
 +  * [[signalk_scope_wx]] Plot data streaming from the autopilot
 +  * [[pypilot_control]] ​ Alternative to opencpn plugin doesn'​t require running opencpn and is written in python.
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