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To get started, the sensors should calibrated. To access the calibration either click on the calibration button on the openplotter pypilot tab, or run “pypilot_calibration <hostname>” from a console.

The mpu9255/mpu9250 (these are on the moitessier hat) are usually factory calibrated for the accelerometer. If you have mpu9255 sensors with orange capacitor (not yellow) they require this calibration as well as most other sensors.

Inspect the accelerometers, and ensure they fall on the rendered sphere in all orientations. If they do not, you will need to hold them on each of 6 sides (of a box) very still for a few seconds. Repeat this process until the calibration locks into place.

Next, the sensors must be aligned to the boat. Once they are mounted and fixed to the boat, and the boat is level in the water, from the IMU tab, you can press the level button. Now the boat should be rendered upright.

Finally, you should complete a circle in the boat to calibrate the compass. You can see when the sensors calibrate from the compass tab.

If you have a rudder feedback sensor, you can calibrate it from the servo tab. First manually center the rudder and click “Rudder is Centered”. Next, turn the rudder to starboard until the angle you wish it to stop (before it reaches end of travel) and input the actual angle. The angle is needed to provide accurate rudder feedback measurements over nmea for opencpn dashboard display for example. Now hit “Rudder At Range” and the rudder feedback should be calibrated.

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