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 +pypilot reads ~/​.pypilot/​pypilot.conf for initial settings. ​  This file should not be edited while pypilot is running since it will be overwritten when pypilot is stopped.
 +~/​.pypilot/​serial_ports ​ -- This is a list of devices pypilot is allowed to use.   If the file does not exist, pypilot will try to use any serial port
 +~/​.pypilot/​blacklist_serial_ports -- This optional file is a list of devices pypilot may not use
 +pypilot or pypilot/​ can be run directly from the command line for the best debugging control. ​ In this case the output log will be on the console, and it can be stopped from Ctrl-c
 +If pypilot is run as a service the output log can be retrieved via journalctl. ​  Under tinypilot, the logs are located in /var/log
 +pi@openplotter:​~/​pypilot/​pypilot $ python
 +loading servo calibration /​home/​pi/​.pypilot/​servocalibration
 +WARNING: using default servo calibration!!
 +connected to gpsd
 +warning: failed to open special file /​dev/​watchdog0 for writing
 +         ​cannot stroke the watchdog
 +Settings file RTIMULib.ini loaded
 +Using settings file RTIMULib.ini
 +Detected MPU9250/​MPU9255 at standard address
 +Using fusion algorithm Kalman STATE4
 +IMU Name: MPU-925x
 +min/max compass calibration not in use
 +Using ellipsoid compass calibration
 +Using accel calibration
 +gpsd is using device /​dev/​ttyOP_moit
 +MPU-925x init complete
 +sensors is running too _slowly_ 0.250969171524
 +arduino servo found on [u'/​dev/​ttyAMA0',​ 38400]
 +serialprobe success: /​home/​pi/​.pypilot/​servodevice [u'/​dev/​ttyAMA0',​ 38400]
 +found gps on gpsd /​dev/​ttyOP_moit
 +nmea ready for connections
 +listening on port 20220 for nmea connections
 +new nmea device (u'/​dev/​serial/​by-id/​usb-1a86_USB2.0-Serial-if00-port0',​ 38400)
 +serialprobe success: /​home/​pi/​.pypilot/​nmea0device (u'/​dev/​serial/​by-id/​usb-1a86_USB2.0-Serial-if00-port0',​ 38400)
 +found wind on serial AR/​dev/​serial/​by-id/​usb-1a86_USB2.0-Serial-if00-port0
 +Once started, additional messages are typically errors or warnings of some kind.
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